Grammy award winning performers Joel Guzman and Sarah Fox combine elements of Latin, R&B, and other deep grooves.  With a vocal style that has brought comparisons to Etta James and Sarah Vaughn,Random Lengths Magazine referred to Fox as “so extraordinary that she’s incredible”.

With his roots firmly planted in the full range of traditional Mexican music, he has incorporated and experimented with jazz, country,R&B and Rock. His passionate drive to create new musical directions and imaginative combinations of all these genres, continues to place him in a category all his own. He has said, “I may play a box but don’t want to be put in one”.

  • Cumbia Mundial3:56
  • Sueno Del Rio4:28
  • Angelita4:08
  • Sangre Azteca3:42
  • Got Love4:21
  • Amorique4:36